How It Works

How we make a smart energy future happen

Installing photovoltaic panels on your roof or land makes good sense for you, your community and the environment. We will arrange a free site survey and give you an estimate of the money you will save by buying the power they generate from us. The equipment is free of charge and we sell or store any surplus power you do not require. Any profits are donated to community organisations. It’s all free of charge to you!

The way we operate to bring benefits to Norwich

Norwich Community Solar will work with its technical partner RenEnergy to assess sites for their viability. Properties or land holdings which meet all the necessary criteria will form the solar PV portfolio owned and operated by the cooperative.

The portfolio will generate three main sources of income; Feed in Tariff (FiT), export tariff, and selling energy to the participating parties, as agreed in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The resulting fund will be used to pay back stakeholders on their investment, as well as develop new sites and contribute towards community projects.

Returns from solar PV are both reliable, and predictable,  allowing strong financial forecasting. Combined with the government bonded support in the form of FiT, there is very low risk to potential investors. Property owners who partake in the scheme, whether private or public sector, will receive significant economic benefits, on top of improving their green credentials among peers and customers.

Norwich Community Solar enter into a lease agreement with the property owner for 25 years.

We offer to sell  the energy generated to the tenant/occupier at a discount on the market rate that they are able to secure from their main supplier, ensuring that no participant in the scheme is ever left paying more for their green energy than they would pay by conventional means.

Through an ethical funding platform, the cooperative will raise money to be invested in solar PV arrays on the buildings and land holdings throughout Norwich and beyond.

Community energy projects are tried and tested vehicles for bringing communities together for their mutual benefit, by generating funds for local schemes, improving environmental education and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. We aim to build a greener future for Norwich and its residents.

If you own a site and are interested in becoming a part of Norwich Community Solar please contact us to arrange a site survey.

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