How we operate

Installing photovoltaic panels on your roof or land makes good sense for you, your community and the environment.

Our business model is to seek commercial clients with high daytime electricity demand. Because we want to make the biggest impact,  we do not currently work at domestic scale. Once we have sufficient details to understand if we can install a PV system, we will give an estimate of the money and carbon clients will save by buying energy from us.

Our engineering partners Ren Energy will carry out a site survey to verify the technical suitability of the site.

When all the legal and technical formalities are passed, we seek to raise the finance by selling community shares in the project. Our target is to repay our investors with 4% interest and for NCS to own the solar generator before or upon 25 years. After settling our operating expenses, any further surplus will be reinvested into new community projects, laying down the foundations for a sustainable social enterprise.

Key facts about how we develop projects are laid out below. If you own a site and are interested in working with the Norwich Community Solar social enterprise please contact us to arrange an initial discussion.

If you are hoping to invest in Norwich Community Solar, please join us or sign up to our mailing list to ensure you’re first to hear when our share prospectus is launched!

Project development pathway

The way we develop new solar projects is summarised below –

Data gathering

We collect information on electricity usage, site usage and location

Project assessment

We model the principal dynamics of the project and decide whether it is feasible before making a proposal to the new client


We design the share prospectus and funding call to raise money through a community share campaign and if successful, we proceed to install the solar generator